Dr. Rafat Alam
Policy Expert.
People Person.


Alberta is at a crossroad of history. Supply side bottlenecks have slowed down the oil sands expansion and we are in dire need of economic diversification. The decisions that the next government make will shape the future of Alberta for a very long time. United conservative party is the appropriate party to make those decisions. We can no longer let the NDP ruin the Alberta advantage. UCP will bring back the Alberta advantage that will shape the future diversification of the Alberta economy.

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Bring Back the Alberta Advantage

Balance the budget and reform the tax to bring back the Alberta advantage

Diversify the Economy

Provide incentives to diversify to a more knowledge based economy using Alberta’s highly skilled and young workforce, entrepreneurs and research capabilities

Protect Alberta's Environment

Protect Alberta's environment and natural resources with market based tools

Youth & Teen Employment

Create more opportunities for teen and youth volunteering, co-ops and jobs to prepare them for the future job market

Optimize Healthcare

Reform the health care to make it efficient and accommodate the different type of health service needs of the baby boomers and elders

Promote Quality Education

Promote internationally competitive quality education, school choice, and rights of the parents

Renew Community Infrastructure

Revival of the inner-city advantages of Edmonton-Rutherford constituency by renewing the community infrastructure

About Me

I am a trained economist and a tenured faculty of MacEwan University Economics department. I have been involved with the former PC and current UCP since 2012. I was board member of the Edmonton South West PC association for 2 years and volunteered for PC election campaign in the last two elections. I have been active in the community through volunteering for community basketball teams, school councils and several ethnic community groups over the last 10 years. I have contributed to my institution’s transition to a university in many capacities. I am a fiscal conservative and public and environmental policy expert and passionate about enhancing Alberta’s educational quality. I am worried about the declining Alberta tax advantage, fiscal discipline, heritage fund, environmental and resource management, health care efficiency and the education system changes. With my policy expertise and professional people skill, I can make a positive contribution to the party in these areas and  effectively challenge the incumbent at the Edmonton-Rutherford constituency. I am married with two children and love to travel, read local, national and international news, watch cricket and soccer, work in theater and contribute to different social causes.


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